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Transatlantic Slave Trade

So-called Black/Negro/African-American people make up some of the descendants of the ancient Hebrews of Israel.  The picture of “Jesus” that is commonly accepted is not accurate and is probably Caesar Bogoria. The Scriptures and Gospels do not teach Christianity, rather, Christianity mixes pagan traditions and worldly views with the Truth of the Word.  Christians, Jewish people, and Muslims all had a hand in the slave trade and the oppression of Hebrews.  Christians did the same thing that is done today, part of the Word is used to promote a specific idea and the rest is ignored, to justify and perpetuate slavery in America.

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It is evident that as a culture we need togetherness and unity with our fellow brothers and sisters. We have to come together and not continue dividing ourselves. We will have more as a whole when we work together. When we support black owned businesses, we put our money back into our communities and our dollar is circulated longer. We have buying power! A lot of us just choose to buy the wrong things and with the wrong people. We must change our generational way of thinking! Get out of the slave mentality that has been handed down throughout the years. Take your mind away from what the media is showing us, take a look around your communities, in your families and see that we need each other! Let’s keep the principle of ubuntu strong by supporting each other and sowing the seeds for a more fruitful future for those generations to come. We are the chosen people! 

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