Ignorance Perpetuated As Consciousness Via Social Media...

I have found that on my path of enlightenment, so many people want to be right and argue their point. They forget that at one point in their journey they were asleep and did not "know" what they "know" now. The path of enlightenment is a continuous journey. What is perceived to be truth at the moment may not be so later on in your walk. I find it so irritating to see so many people on social media platforms that have so many opinions, explanations and rebuttals. They're one sided in what they feel is correct. It saddens me. Everyone is on a different path of consciousness. How and when The Most High chooses to use us to get to that higher mind set is His choosing! While I have used social media to start me on my path, I feel the effects of the negativity getting to me. I wanted truth and insight... I feel that consciousnesses and " being woke " is what you want it to mean. Your clothing, hair, verbiage means nothing. You should conduct your own research to answer whatever questions you may have about the world...to find peace with it within yourself...Not to fit in to what other "woke" individuals feel you should be. My truth maybe different from yours. But who's to say who's right? No one walking this earth is perfect. No one man here knows it all. So let's quit trying to always find fault in what other people see as their truth and embrace that at least they are trying to ascend higher. 


Peace & Blessings 

Kahari Heritage