Planting "Tiny" Seeds

When you think of a seed, what comes to mind?

Do you automatically think of a seed from a flower or a seed that one plants in order to produce a crop? Wherever your imagination takes you, a seed is important. It's beginning is just as important as its end.

A seed is something that is planted with the hopes that it will grow and progress into something that is beneficial one day. A seed has an initial blueprint, one that was mastered into its creation from the very beginning of its inception into the womb of a mother or the womb of the Earth. Seedlings have a destination, and that destination is based on the compass it chooses to follow or one where it is slowly blown along an unforeseen path. Seeds have their origin from the "mother," whether it be beast or foliage. 

When one dives into the study of genetics, we see that each seed has certain characteristics passed on to it from its parents. Therefore, the seed is a reflection of what brought forth its life into the world. A seed is always tied to its ancestry and to its mother. The ancestry of a seed is planted within its DNA, which imprints upon its physical characteristics. I will go a step further to add that DNA can be of spiritual origin as well. We often inherit the good and the bad from our heritage. What resides within us that is not good, we can choose to forcibly throw out or continue to let it dwell within our being.

Children are the seeds of their parents.

A spiritual legacy is locked up within the seeds, which are our offspring. As parents of the little soldiers of Yahweh, we must begin to "water" these seeds and help them grow. Our children are our spiritual heritage, which is tied back to the Earth which was given to us. We feed off of our children in the same way that he or she feeds off of us. We are all tied to one another with a bond that cannot be broken. 

When a child is implanted within the womb, we must begin to nourish them from inception. There is no better way to feed one's seed than to reveal to them their heritage at an early stage in his or her life. As parents, we must "connect the dots" and navigate our children toward what is right and what are the fallacies of man. Many things that we deem as "truths" are outrageous lies; these must be uncovered by the parentage in order to pass on "awakened" seedlings to our children. Once our children learn and grow from us, then they are better able to pass down the same message to the next generation.

Take time to feed your seeds. Take time to shape their branches and to water them. Pay special attention to the "fertilizer" that you are putting into their soil. Selah.


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