Tag Line/Mission Statement

Tagline: Heritage Wear for Yahweh's Little Soldiers.

Mission Statement: Kahari specializes in unique, customized Afrikan-centered pieces for infants and youth. We are inspired by bright, bold colors, prints and designs. Our mission is to bring about cultural awareness that embraces and uplifts our community.

Kahari's Tagline & Mission Statement accurately reflect who we are as a company. Kahari is our brand and is a reflection of the legacy that we are leaving to our children. We hope to instill in other conscious parents, the same legacy to leave to their children. Legacy is key. In the past, a slave mentality curse has been passed down from generation to generation. But we declare with this generation, that generational curse has stopped. We have been re-awakened and are walking in the destiny which has always been ordained for us. We must leave a positive structure to follow for the future generations. Yes there will be obstacles that were designed to entrap us, but we must teach our children to be aware, enlightened and to stay ahead of "their" agenda. We must train them to be warriors. Leaders and not followers. To create opportunities for themselves. To open their own businesses. To strengthen and help "our" community. We must remain vigilant until the end.