Heritage: What is a heritage?

When you hear the word heritage, what thoughts immediately come to mind? More importantly, what does the word "heritage" mean to you?

A heritage is a concept or mode of thinking that is passed on to one's generation. Not only is the current generation affected by the term heritage, but subsequent generations are affected by this term also. A heritage is something that one builds for his or her children and other family members. It is something that will stand the test of time, and it is deeply instilled within an individual. Not only is a heritage seen physically, but it is also felt spiritually. Therefore, a heritage can be a physical or spiritual construct.

In regard to one's offspring, a heritage is passed on to them so that they may be able to survive the changing seasons. Physical and spiritual wealth are given in order to be passed on to others.

What heritage are you leaving for your generation and future generations? Take an inventory of where you are in your life. Aim to do those things that will leave an abundant heritage to this generation as well as the next. Selah.